I want to thank you for all of your help!! I think OrthoBanc is the best product I have worked with the 10 years I have been in Ortho. We used another company prior to yours and OrthoBanc wins hands down over all. Your services are easy to understand and very simple to learn. I love how you have integrated and made your change forms available online. I like being able to check your end of the contract to verify balances for patients. Thanks again for providing the terrific product for us! I share it with all my ortho buddies.

Cheryl Amos, Financial Coordinator, Ross W. Stryker

Credit Bureau Reporting and Collection Service Integration


  • All collection activity performed by a reputable, third party collection agency
  • Report your delinquent accounts to all three major credit bureaus
  • Select from three levels of collection services


  • Delinquent accounts are reported on responsible party's credit report
  • Demand letters from the collection agency encourage swift payment
  • Discounted collection rates exclusively for OrthoBanc clients


For less than the monthly cost of a credit bureau membership, you can report your accounts and have them professionally collected. OrthoBanc charges a small monthly fee which provides you the integration with the agency, the ability to turn accounts over for collection, detailed reporting of collection activity, and the ability to report accounts to the credit bureaus. This represents a significant savings over the cost of joining all three credit bureaus which is as high as $250 per month.

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