Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is the OrthoBanc Recurring Payment Plan beneficial to me?
A: This service automatically pays your provider each month. You do not have to remember to write a check, prepare an envelope, and mail the payment. Your provider reduces the cost of maintaining accounts and is able to keep down the price you pay for treatment.
Q: When will my payments begin?
A: You will complete and sign the OrthoBanc Recurring Progress Payment Plan. This agreement lists your monthly payment amount and the date to start withdrawing your payments. This date is either the 5th, 12th, 19th, or 26th of each month. Your provider's payment coordinator will help you select the beginning date. We will start processing your payments on the date you specify and they will continue until the balance is paid in full.
Q: Can I make additional payments during the plan period?
A: Yes. At times, patients want to make an extra payment on their account because they have received a bonus or, perhaps, a tax refund. You make additional payments to your orthodontist's office. If you plan to pay your account in full it is best to check with your provider to be certain you don't overpay. We need seven days notice from your provider to stop a scheduled payment.
Q: What happens if a payment is missed for some reason?
A: OrthoBanc will contact you if a payment is missed. There is a failed fee charge each time a payment must be reprocessed. If you have selected a secondary payment method we will attempt to process the payment through that method. We will reprocess your payment, plus the failed fee charge, within two weeks of the missed payment. If you miss 2 consecutive payments, OrthoBanc will not process payments until arrangements are made by you and/or your provider.
Q: What if my account numbers change?
A: If you change your bank account or credit card account, you should notify OrthoBanc as soon as possible.
Q: May I obtain a statement of my OrthoBanc account activity?
A: Yes. Your statement can be obtained on-line at OrthoBanc will mail instructions on how to access your account on-line.
Q: May I contact OrthoBanc directly?
A: For information concerning your OrthoBanc account, call (800) 636-6600 Option 1, or submit a request here. If you have questions regarding your orthodontic treatment, please contact your provider's office.