Our office relies on OrthoBanc in the service we provide to our patients. We have had an excellent experience and will continue to utilize OrthoBanc and the dedicated customer service team to help our practice grow. Thank you to the staff at OrthoBanc for all your dedication and support in daily operations and attention to customer service. We, at the office of Dr. Gary A. Kellam, sincerely appreciate and thank you all!

Gary Kellam, Albuquerque, NM

Gaidge, the Practice Performance Analysis Solution

Gaidge is an easy to use analysis framework that simplifies the process of collecting data and producing meaningful practice information. Gaidge provides accurate and strategic information in a timely manner allowing a practice to monitor performance, spot trends, and make decisions. We help our clients monitor performance and spot trends so they can make adjustments where needed.

Gaidge is a joint effort which combines the consulting skills of Mary Beth Kirkpatrick and her team at Impact 360 with the technical proficiencies of OrthoBanc LLC. Impact 360 offers a full circle of services that lead practices in optimizing performance and efficiency with technology that stands up to the rigorous needs of a multifaceted orthodontic practice. OrthoBanc is a payment management company that provides electronic payment drafting for more than 4,000 practices nationwide.

In 2011, these two companies came together with the primary goal of creating an analysis tool that could be used to measure practice performance and put these measurements into meaningful charts and graphs. The development team quickly realized that the value of this information would be even greater if a practice was able to compare its numbers with other practices in the same region or nationwide.

The result of these efforts is the new standard in practice analytics. Gaidge is already being used by consultants throughout the industry and is being recommended by study clubs, practice transition specialists, and major orthodontic technology companies. The value of the data that Gaidge offers increases with each new doctor that joins the system.

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